Sunday, July 31, 2011


Saturday. Some yogurt to start the day. Followed by a few unscheduled hours of drinks with friends.

Early evening, before more drinking was scheduled, made an unscheduled stop by this Thai restaurant and wolfed down a plate of chicken pad thai.

What immediately followed was one of the worst cases of heartburn I've ever been hit with.

It was so bad, it almost felt like an allergic reaction.

Massive, rolling pressure in my chest. As if an alien were trying to burst through. A little fucking Thai chestburster alien.

Tried to rejoin friends. Was not happening. Made my way to a Rite Aid, picked up a bottle of chewable antacids. By then, hiccups began to accompany the chest pains. The short wait at the checkout line was too much and I popped the antacids open before paying, downed a chalky peppermint flavored tablet. Containing calcium, which is something my body needs anyway. The hiccups stopped almost immediately and the burning chest pains dulled slightly. Paid. Headed back to the company.

Two more antacid tablets. Helped dull the burning but the sensation of rolling pressure in my chest was extremely slow to subside. Hours. Drinking cold water eased the hurt slightly but I was basically out of it for the night.

After a spell of relief—the sensation of a storm passing—the chest pains revisited while I tried to go to sleep later. Lying down can worsen the sensation of heartburn.

Note to self: don't drink for hours on an empty stomach. And if you do, don't wolf down a heavy meal afterwards to fill that god-shaped hole.


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Lol ya pansy :P

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