Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Quantum of Malice

(Cool artwork here.)

Tonight is the vote to lift the restraining order so that writers can go back to work. This DOES NOT mean that we have a deal, or that we will APPROVE of the deal. There will be a separate mail-in vote on whether or not to ratify the contract. So, in theory, we could vote to end the strike tonight and then vote AGAINST accepting the contract. Which would send us back to a strike in a few weeks, which would result in nuclear winter.

But it's all a big show, of course. This thing is over. If this strike was a victory, it was a bittersweet one. A lot of people got hurt worse than me, and I'm not even sure how hurt I am yet.

Voting on whether or not to end the strike is at the Crowne Plaza from 4pm to 7pm tonight.

Hit up Nikki Finke one last time, for the sentimental type.

"ComputeHer is Michelle. Michelle uses many classic video game consoles and computers to make outrageously intricate toe-tapping music! Many of the instruments she uses are toys she grew up with, like: Game Boy (the Grey Classic), Commodore 64, Nintendo Entertainment System, Atari 2600, Speak n spell, and more! ComputeHer’s music creates an atmosphere of fun and excitement that anyone, of any age, can enjoy!"


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