Monday, February 11, 2008

Roy Scheider, John Alvin Have Posses

John Alvin was a movie poster artist, responsible for some of the most iconic posters of your youth.

Here's a greater sampling of his work. Lest we forget.

Roy Scheider was 75 when he passed away Sunday afternoon. He was in JAWS and SORCERER and that Bob Fosse movie about all the jazz and stuff.

Oh, he was also interviewed by Stuttering John.

There is a good chance he deserved a better obit than this, but I'm a bit spent with all these people dying lately...


The writers strike is not technically over today. Vote to lift the "restraining order" will be Tuesday night. Yes, it's a formality, but where would we be without our formalities? (We'd be just like the fucking animals.)

Wednesday should be the official return to show business.

Me... I've got to wait for some phone calls before I can depart the comfort of my day job.


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