Wednesday, January 02, 2008


23rd day back at the job. May not sound like a lot, but we're approaching the 2-month milestone. When's it going to end?

Took a few more swats at the new script. Reassessed the remaining outline, broke it down into manageable chunks. If I really focused, I could finish it in 9 more days. 5 days if I focus just a little more. The script won't necessarily be *good* in that time, but a finished draft would go a long way toward boosting my spirits.

Next week, I hit 32. This time of year is just relentless. One week, Christmas. Following week, New Year's. Following week, birthday. Pressure to do something for each event. In a way, the birthday may be the worst because the focus is all on me. (If I choose to acknowledge it.)

Things look bad right now because negotiations are still officially broken off, but I need this strike to get resolved by sometime in February. It's a pissing-contest of a strike. What the writers are asking for is an absurd pittance. This is about the AMPTP trying to make an example of us. Trying to make us suffer adequately, and in our weakened state making us accept a poorer deal.

I need to get back to the career that was just getting started. I realize that this is all just some big, cosmic, character-building test. I get it already. I want to get back in the game.


There are no plastic lids for the Styrofoam cups in the pantry this mourning. Sometimes, there are no big cups. Sometimes, there are no little cups. And sometimes, there are no plastic fucking lids.

I am starting to lose the plot...


Watch Letterman tonight. All the late night shows are back tonight, but Letterman's back with his writers intact, because of a separate deal his production company made with the WGA. Don't watch Leno. (Not that you should be watching him anyway.)


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