Monday, December 31, 2007

Last Stop of 2007

Impromptu, last minute, I ran to a comedy club last night. Had the briefest exchange with a random girl on one of those online personals sites, she mentioned that she performs comedy.

I'd known about the show for a few days, but it was on complete impulse that I decided to check it out. The venue was within walking distance, showed up ten minutes late, but decided, what the fuck?

$15 just to walk in, 2 drink minimum with drinks $9 and up, it was pretty criminal. Strip club prices without the strippers. Just... comedy.

I was slightly concerned that I'd totally missed her set, but this was one of those what-the-fuck situations. I'd stay for a while then take off.

Then I saw her. It's always slightly surreal to see someone in the flesh when you've only seen an online pic. She was about to hit the stage for her set. She glanced about the small audience and our eyes met. And for a strange, brief moment, it felt as if we were friends. Even though we'd practically said nothing to each other via email. I'd asked her where she performed, she gave me a list of venues. That was it. I hadn't written back. Yet here I was.

Then I saw her set. And found every reason why I wouldn't want to date a comedian. It was bad enough having been in a relationship with another writer, having personal moments cannibalized and distorted for someone else's "work". The thought of being fodder for someone else made my skin crawl.

Sneaked out after her set. No words exchanged. Another dead end.
xxx xXx xxx
Okay, 2007, you fucking bitch. Tonight, it's over.

I'm done. Done. Onto the next one.


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