Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Gelflings: The New Batch

this is genuinely cool news. i love what Genndy Tartakovsky did with his animated Clone Wars shorts and i'm really excited to see what he's capable of doing with puppets and CGI. muppets need a comeback.

i had a crush on the above muppet when i was a kid. if i could own the original muppet... well let's just say, you wouldn't see me for a while...

over the weekend, i did a bit of catching up with all the crap i've DVR-ed and i have to say, i'm a fan of Aaron McGruder's Boondocks. disarmingly, it seems to take its cues from classic Charlie Brown specials and from japanese animation. it's got a refreshingly quiet tone/pacing like those old charlie brown specials, as well as a similar element of social commentary. while its look is imported from japan. took me a few episodes to get it, but i think it's pretty bold and brilliant and i'm surprised it made such a vibrant transition from the comics page to the screen. if only Bill Watterson would allow his masterful creation to be adapted so vividly.

and that's your malice entertainment news for today! now leave me... i want to be alone... really, i love it...

oh, by the way, nick"-o" is feeling a bit under the weather, so read up his little text blog and bomb him with comments. that will make ME feel better.


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