Monday, January 30, 2006

coffin nails

coworker of mine was just telling me about her grandmother who's dying of lung cancer, in her 70s. this coworker has had to change her hours at work so that she can care for her granny, who needs 24 hour care because she can barely move, she's in so much pain. the tips of her fingers don't hurt, but if you move her arm she'll scream in agony.

i don't mind dying in my 70s. i mean, maybe i will, maybe something cool will happen in the next 40 years or within those last 5 and i'll want some extra time, but for now...? i don't think i'd mind it. i just don't want to deal with the agonizing, drawn-out end. maybe if/when i get diagnosed with it, i'll relocate to oregon, or maybe euthanasia will be legal in more states by then, or maybe they'll come up with that pesky cure for cancer by then.

fun little ruminations for a monday mourning. howdy!


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