Thursday, November 16, 2017


Hillary voters aren't immune to tribalism but it's clear that Trump voters are egregiously tribal.

Double standards. It goes back to right before the election, when Trump was saying he'd only respect the vote outcome if HE won. There's no subtlety there. (You know he would have preferred her winning, too: he could have thrown a big tantrum and spent 4 years bragging about how much better he would have been if he'd actually won, without actually having to PROVE it. Instead, he and his supporters are forced to deny reality and try to convince people that 2+2=5.)

I forget where I read/heard this analogy—and I'm paraphrasing—but it's like the Democrats and Republicans are playing a board game. And the Democrats are trying to play strictly by the rules while the Republicans are literally burning the entire house down around them.

Rules apply to Democrats. Rules don't apply to Republicans.

This becomes worse when we've got a situation like Al Franken, because now you've got bipartisan condemnation of this senator. While Republicans simultaneously and fastidiously defend their own sex offenders.


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