Thursday, March 02, 2017

Sketch Night #2

Attended another sketch night @ the Society of Illustrators Tuesday night. It was a little better than my first go, though still spattered with frustrations. (I've included a few highlights in my GIF this time.) This one wasn't a theme night like the first one. Just a solitary nude model.

There's a "pose" pattern that I was more ready for this time. Start with 2 minute poses where you're just trying to get a general sense of the model. Then 5 minute poses. 10 minute poses. 20 minute.

Our model was a woman of a certain age who wore a big fake flower on her head. And a bead necklace that I didn't bother trying to include until the end. It was an interesting drawing challenge for me. I struggle with scale and perspective and proportions, and her body sort of evolves through the course of my sketches. I was trying to get her overall SHAPE(s) down, then trying to get her face. I'm all self-taught so I think my basic strategies and techniques are a little all-over-the-place, so I find my drawing strategies change as I go.

Her face (and her body, at times) kept coming out a little too masculine. (Esp. #7.) The final pose I was able to draw, the longest pose time, was perhaps fittingly the most "accurate" depiction of the model, IMO.


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