Monday, February 06, 2017

Pew Pew Pew!!!

I made this for a Photoshop Battle. It looks crazy but it actually didn't take me that long, due to the magic of After Effects. Well, technically I spent a lot of time cutting out the "Pew Pew" girl a number of years ago for another GIF.

This took me a bit longer to create and got barely any love from the internet:

This got even less notice:

I was particularly proud of this, which didn't get too much attention:

Of all of these, this one probably took the longest, and I'm not thrilled with the final execution. The internet didn't care too much about it, either:

Have I mentioned that I'm between jobs? Don't worry, though. I'm building quite a portfolio to submit to some *very* respectable GIF factories in the tri-state area.

Oh, this one got a little more attention, and I like how it came out:

I call him "Frogger the Hutt".


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