Friday, December 09, 2016

The Deuce (Season 1) End Date

And so it ends.

How innocent I was in the beginning...

Was this the worst job I've had since embarking on this side-career? I've had worse commuting situations and workloads (NONSTOP). And one job was murder for the first 1/3 or 1/2 until I got into the swing of it and earned some respect (WIZARD OF LIES)... after which, it was actually one of my better work situations. And then there was the little reshoot I did before this gig that was just the perfect storm of suck (Money Monster) -- shitty commute, toxic personality clashes, every day a powder keg. THAT job directly led to THIS job, which is just poetic.

I'd say, all in all, this has been the most dysfunctional gig I've ever done. I'm writing this before I head into my final day. I've been doing the work that my subordinate should have been doing. None of them are going to read this because I don't think they know how to use the internet: this was the shittiest team ever.

What about the GOOD, Malice? Can you try to tell us about the GOOD...?

Well, once I got the hang of my personal responsibilities on this gig, it became routine and relatively simple. I had to act as my own clerk, but it was nice not to deal with the rest of the clerking shit. And it was my best paying gig, which made life so much easier.

But because I was handling my own workload, I had to help OTHER people with THEIR workload. I help other people with their responsibilities and nobody helps me with mine.

And, of course, the clerk wasn't really doing her own clerk work, which is what really fucked us in the end. (This was her first/final clerking gig: she'd spent the majority of her working life as a bartender and our 1st assistant convinced her to switch careers. But the 1st is a terrible teacher, the clerk was a terrible student, everyone was miserable, and she was let go a month before the end.)

I stayed late last night making a box inventory and making/printing/affixing box labels. The top guy in our department, who kept pacing about -- NOT LIFTING A FINGER TO HELP -- complaining about things not getting done at the end (because he was too cheap to hire clerks), who kept saying everyone had to stay late... HE AND HIS GIRLFRIEND LEFT BEFORE EVERYONE ELSE. His 1st assistant, who subjected everyone to DAILY MELTDOWNS because of the stress, who hired the TWO SHITTIEST, SLOWEST CLERKS IN THE UNIVERSE, left at 4pm because she had to pick up her kids. The penultimate day.

I packed up my "kit"... which is just an overstuffed cardboard box with an adding machine and a fuckload of office supplies. Dismantled my computer at the end of the night because the computers are getting picked up early. Took the subway home lugging my kit and a bookbag filled with soda from the pantry.

With the computers gone, there's not much I can do today besides help with the boxing efforts. My last two paychecks are in the bank and I've got everything I need, so theoretically I could just NOT bother going in today, or rage-quit mid-morning.

Wednesday -- April 20, 2016 -- to Friday -- December 9, 2016.

And now I have no job prospects. Hooray for 2016!


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Maybe you should be in charge!

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