Friday, November 11, 2016

Inktober 2016: Day 25, "TIRED"

"Inktober" is a drawing challenge where you're encouraged to draw something in ink every day of the month of October.

There is an official list of prompts to assist in inspiration:

My sister, who illustrates children's books and is a far better artist than I, approached me to see if I wanted to "collaborate" with her on this Inktober journey.

After some discussion, we agreed that I'd create a "prompt sketch" based on the Inktober prompts and she would create the finished drawings.

I start the drawing, she finishes the drawing.

My prompt sketch was some weird clownish creature looking tired while driving a car. Of course, I just drew the barest fragments of this image, just enough to try to convey the idea to my sis. She saw "The Simpsons" in it. But also this very interesting couple in the backseat.


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