Friday, February 10, 2017

Now and Forever

Won a "Broadway lottery" ticket to see the revival of CATS on Broadway last night, after a big snowfall.

It was $40 vs the $57 it would have cost without the lottery. Thought it'd still be a deal because the seats would be front center... but no, they were the $57 section. And that $57 section was half-empty: and this old lady usher wouldn't let any of the audience members move to better seats even though those seats were vacant. Us lottery winners did have good mezzanine seats, though. And we were just surrounded by empty seats.

If you're not familiar, this new version of CATS uses all real cats for extra authenticity. And while that sounds great politically, the show ends up taking 5 hours as a team of cat-wranglers breathlessly try to get all the cats to hit their marks throughout all the numbers. (It involves a combination of laser pointers and shaking bags of treats.)


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