Wednesday, September 03, 2014

I Hate Apple: iPod Nano 7th Gen

No shortage of Apple zealots out there, I'm aware. I am not one of them. The one Apple product I have bought consistently over the years has been iPods. I've gone through so many iPods.

The latest was this iPod Nano (7th generation), which I bought just a few months ago at the Apple Soho store, toward the beginning of the job that's ending next week.

The thing about Apple products is they seem to work really well out of the box until they fail catastrophically, not too long after. It's as if complete failure is built into their products. Which might be fine if you've got somebody buying you new Apple toys every few months, but when you're shelling out for it yourself it's a fucking crime.

One of the functions of this iPod is, if you hold down the "volume control" button a computer voice will read to you the name of the file you're listening to. This voiceover is rarely ever useful, of course. Made worse when the voiceover-bot essentially gets STUCK and simply ceaselessly reads every file you have on your iPod, interrupting and fast-forwarding through every playlist and sound file you've got on your nano.

I stopped by the Apple Soho store after work tonight to try to get this looked at but, of course, I had no appointment and was told there was no way I'd be helped tonight. The helpful Genius Bar attendant informs me the only way to get help would be to book an appointment two weeks in advance.

I've hard-restarted, reset to factory settings, restored ipod whilst connected to the computer. Still skipping and talking like a motherfucker.

Asshole Genius Bar attendant wasn't very accurate about the two-week wait. I've got an appointment for Friday night to try to sort this out, which means I've got to use a backup iPod til then. Weep for me.


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