Sunday, April 06, 2014

Babylon Fields Start Date

Well, this was unexpected. My first accounting department gig outside the safety of my regular accounting crew.

The construction accountant on the last gig I worked recommended me as a payroll clerk for this pilot that's wrapping up. It's called "Babylon Fields". I think it might star Skeet Ulrich. It's a rejiggering of a pilot that was shot a few years ago (that you can view on YouTube). Oh, it's also about zombies, so if you've ever wanted to watch a television show about zombies... here's another one.

I think this gig should only last about a week. And I'm not in a position to turn down work right now because Unemployment, and God, and The Bible.

Anyway, Sunday through Thursday. I think that's the extent of this micro-gig.

And I've also got some goddamn writing to get done this week...

P.S. Steiner Studios is a fucking bitch to get to by trains.


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