Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Liger Rollercoaster

I'm in a car with a bunch of friends and we're going to some famous zoo that happens to have Liger: hybrid of a Lion and Tiger. We're not specifically going to see this Liger but when we get there, we see glimpses of the fucking thing running around toward the back of the zoo.

When I say "back of the zoo", there seems to be some huge running track — like you'd find at a high school, except it's elevated high up on a cliff. As we drive further, we catch glimpses of this Liger running laps. And it is massive. I knew that Ligers were larger than their parents because of some genetic anomaly, but this thing... it seemed to be bigger every time we'd get a glimpse of it. At first, it looked about 10 feet tall. Then 20 feet tall. Eventually, it looked to be about 100 feet tall! It looked downright prehistoric.

As we drove further back, the ocean was suddenly in front of us... and there were rails leading into the ocean. This was a rollercoaster. We were no longer in a car, we were in a rollercoaster built on the turbulent ocean. And this 200 foot Liger waded into the ocean to play his part in this thrill ride.

None of this makes sense in hindsight but dream logic... is what it is. The scale of this beast was ungodly. And this rollercoaster built on the fucking ocean looked outrageous.

The thing is, it stalled a moment before it was really about to kick in. The ride stalled, I woke up and I couldn't get back into the dream.

I tried. And for some reason, I imagined I could maybe find footage of the rest of this ride online somewhere, as if a company had clearly designed this thing. It was a narrative rollercoaster, like something you'd find at Disney World, except it looked out of control. Not for the faint of heart. And what was it doing at a zoo? Accompanied by a 300 foot Liger? In the goddamn OCEAN...??!

And why did I dream about this...?


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