Friday, November 08, 2013

Some Girls (Or, "Drunken Friday Night Blog Entry I'll Need to Edit Later Even Though Ben Will Give Me Hell For This Either Way")

Some girls... are easy...

Some girls, there's no effort. They just fall into place. Some chemical, phermonal fucking paradigm. Point being, effort required: NEXT to nil. They get in your orbit and they just fucking *CLICK* into place, you know? Not suggesting no skill required but ALMOST no skill required because they're halfway sold. You've just got to avoid being a sublime clod enough to not bungle the close.

Let me back up...

Some girls are easy. Some girls are "gettable" but require some effort. And some girls are "beyond your league" — they require more effort but are not as impossible as they may seem. (And, in the right circumstances, may be bumped down to the previous two levels.)

Shall we dispense with the formalities......?

There are a few cute girls on the current day-job-gig I'm working on. I would hazard to say, though this may be the worst of all the gigs I've worked on thus far (for various reasons), it may boast the highest percentage of cute girls. That's neither here nor there...

There is ONE GIRL who has caught my attention.

It is an odd, psychological thing. Wherein one day I just realized, "HOLY SHIT... *that's* the one girl on this gig who I *REALLY* like...!"

A therapist once told me about this theory... about how human beings have this tendency to fall in love with the SAME PERSON over and over and over again. And it got me to thinking about all the situations I've found myself in. At first, I thought the theory was just bullshit. There was no pattern to all the girls I'd had... romantic entanglements with — they were all different ethnicities, different physical types.

But then I got to thinking about it some more and... the idea wouldn't go away.

I won't break it down here but there are definitely... MOTIFS... certain elements that seem to resonate with me...

All of which is a long way around of saying... there is this ONE GIRL on this gig I'm currently on that I want more than anything. I think she's gettable. But in the short term I"m choosing against making any moves because... No. I've certain priorities in life right now. And the A#1 is getting my career somewhere acceptable. Having a fleeting fling with some girl... is lower on the list.................................................


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