Saturday, October 19, 2013

I Hate Williamsburg

I'm all ready to recommend this new bar in Williamsburg called CROWN VICTORIA because it's got a crazy backyard space and drinks that aren't too expensive...

... then I try to take the train home at the end of the night.

Around 12:30a. Not terribly late. Just trying to get back into Manhattan with my monthly Metrocard.

I enter the Bedford station and there's a hint of smoke in the air.

One of those yellow sanitation trains is parked on the Manhattan-bound track...

Where it remains...


For the next hour...

As the crowd swells and no announcements are made!!!

So no fucking Manhattan-bound trains, then.

I get out of the motherfucking station, grab a goddamn FUCKING cab and pay


just to get back into god damn motherfucking civilization.

That didn't even get me home. That got me to another train station in the city where I was finally able to catch a running train.

So, a royal FUCK YOU, WILLIAMSBURG. Last time I'm hanging out there at night.


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