Thursday, October 03, 2013

Flynn White versus Walter White, Jr.


I've never understood the appeal of naming your child after yourself.

I understand the appeal of fathering a great dynasty.  Being the father that you wish you'd had.  Giving your child opportunities and support that you lacked.

But naming your child after yourself?  What does that even mean?  It makes all paperwork a lot more fucking cumbersome.  And for what?  To what end?

I may be thinking about it incorrectly but it seems to me that it requires a unique brand of ego to proclaim, "I'm so great, my son will want the same name to carry on some manner of tradition."

That is neither here nor there.

Let's jump to the end of "GRANITE STATE".  Walt Sr goes to a bar and gets Walt Jr on the horn.  THIS is what Walt Sr should have started with:

"I know you're upset with me but I need you to listen to me: I didn't kill your Uncle Hank.  A group of Neo-Nazis killed your Uncle Hank.  I gave up everything to try to save him and I failed miserably.  I don't have a lot of time left but I need you to know: I'm going to use the remainder of my life to avenge your Uncle Hank..."

Flynn was a defender of his old man for large part of the series and I just feel like.... he wasn't given enough of a chance to truly hear *some* of his dad's side of The Story.  I feel like if he really understood what his dad had done and tried to do, he might not be so dismissive of him at the end.


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