Monday, March 11, 2013

Taxes Taxes Taxes!!!

I did my fucking taxes today, fuckers!

Well, I took a few weeks to sort through a year of receipts and assemble documents that I submitted to my accountant today. So it's basically out of my hands at this point. I'll just have to trust/hope that he can work his CPA magic and sort me out as he has.

After an extended winning streak, I got slaughtered in 2010 and had to pay off what I owed with an installment agreement that I literally JUST finished paying off last month. The feast-&-famine pattern of trying to string together a living in the entertainment industry — at least in the early runway stage of this — can be a righteous bitch when it comes to taxes. I could make a million bucks this year and $300 next year. (Here's hoping for that, anyway.)

Anyway, fuck you, TAXES. I beat you! I beat y--



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