Friday, March 22, 2013

Nobody Does It Better

Admittedly, it has been a bizarre first week of spring.

I was originally supposed to start the new gig this week but it's since been pushed several *weeks*. Which is all right. Buys me some time to work on some other things and, hopefully, get some promising news from my reps on any number of irons that have been in the fire for too long. Certainly, this week could have been more productive, but it's been productive in its own way. It's all about setting the stage.

My computer has really been threatening to snuff it. It is far past its prime and I've put off properly replacing it for far too long because I've had to be cautious about making large purchases for far too long. My growing concern is that I may not have a choice.

When I block out the world, I really block out the world. It has been an unusually quiet week, all in all. Meditating on larger issues. A week infested with strange dreams.

And look at the time, it's already Friday.

Getting back up to speed. Everything's going to be all right. Things are going to get easier.


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