Wednesday, May 30, 2012

All the Nobody People

I'm grateful this is a month with 31 days. I need all the time I can get.

I was supposed to get some notes on a draft Friday. I didn't. This happens. It happens often enough that you learn not to make a federal case out of it. You get the notes when you get the notes.

But the bottom line is, nothing can happen until I make those changes. And I cannot make changes based on notes I don't have.

I turned in my first draft of this script back in November. I didn't get initial notes on it until late mid-January. This is why it takes so long for scripts to be written. These prolonged wait-periods. And everybody in Hollywood seems to LOVE holidays. If a holiday weekend is approaching, everyone in Hollywood runs off on vacation. Business and productivity seem to end preemptively in anticipation of suits running off on holidays.

MEANWHILE, you're standing there waiting to get closer to the *prospect* of getting a paycheck for the project you've been working on FOR OVER A YEAR without getting paid.

Starts and Stops.

I'm so f'n close and I'm still being forced to wait.


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