Friday, September 02, 2011

All Good Things

Labor Day weekend stretches out before us. A small patch of real estate to hold a funeral party for the summer. I realize this is all about me but how was *your* summer? Mine ended like a bomb.

I'm alternating between writing-lockdowns and waiting periods. It takes forever to get anything done. And as the clock starts clicking toward the end of the year, there is a greater urgency to get something done. And the end of the year, for me, is essentially November because nothing seems to get done in the entertainment industry once December hits.

Okay. You might find this surprising but I sometimes find it difficult to harness the power of positive thinking.

I've got a friend in the hospital and immediate career concerns.

A year ago, I was having fish-out-of-water adventures in Los Angeles. This year, I'll be huddled over a netbook in my Tomb, desperately trying to write my way into a better situation.

Have a safe Labor Day Weekend, True Believers.


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