Friday, August 19, 2011

All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.

Sometimes it's really difficult to sustain a career in the entertainment industry. The feast-stretches followed by these famine-stretches that really test your soul.

When I find myself in a famine-stretch, I think back on all the things I could have NOT done... savings that might have helped prolong the feast for a little while longer. And yet there are still so many things I didn't do. Trips I didn't take, places I didn't visit, with the understanding that everything that extended beyond the blurry line of necessity would be a luxury I couldn't afford in the long-run.

It's Friday. I won't get into it. As always, my fortune could change with a phone call so I'm trying to stay positive. August is going by far too quickly.

Trying to finish writing a new script called HARROWGATE. Trying to finish this faster than I have finished any script in recent years. (Or ever.) Other projects are still alive but HARROWGATE is what I have most control over right now and I will make it work.

Ridley Scott just signed a deal to direct another movie in the BLADE RUNNER universe. I recommend watching this documentary when you've got some time:

On the Edge of Blade Runner (Part 1 of 6 Parts on YOUTUBE)



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