Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August Company

I know the summer's not technically over—but as far as I'm concerned the summer's over as soon as the curtains fall on August.

Went to visit a good friend at an intensive care unit down in Secaucus on Tuesday. Last time I was in an ICU was... 8 years ago. It's never a good time. And this incident happened so abruptly, out of nowhere, to a guy who seemed to be the portrait of good health. The cover-boy of Men's Health. I won't get into details here. The friends who know the score know the score. Just hoping he can get back on his feet soon.

I do not care for how August is ending. Too many things unresolved. Too many threads without payoff. Updates here have been more sporadic because I am trying like hell to get some work done. I mean, I'm getting work done all the time... but then you get a call with more feedback and suddenly you've got more revisions to make and that dangling carrot of a payday, ANY payday, keeps jutting just out of reach...

Alas, this has been August 2011. Duane Reade already has the Halloween candy aisle up. The end of the year comes on furiously from here on out, which means I'm racing against time once more. I am revising my estimates for 2011. I don't need to rule the world. I just need a modest, affordable plot of earth to live on without getting beaten up.


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