Thursday, May 22, 2008

AY AY AY! We look like... CARTOONS!!!

My dear lurkers and only friends, how I loved Gabriele Bennett...

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Over the weekend, the subject of Saturday Morning Cartoons came up in conversation, which inspired me to go home and search up a little dose of Saturday Morning Cartoon nostalgia on the good ol dependable YOU TUBE (actually, increasingly less dependable, but I'll save that rant).

And then I stumbled on this bit of forgotten pop confection:

KIDD VIDEO... how could I have forgotten you...?!

I loved that opening theme. Pretty sure I watched the fuck outta this. About a teen pop band that gets sucked into an alternate cartoon universe called "The Flipside" where the main baddie, "Master Blaster", is trying to make them his musical slaves. (Of course, "musical" being a euphemism for "sex" back in the 80s.) They're just trying to find a way out... with the help of a Flashdancer faerie called "Glitter".

It was basically Dungeons & Dragons with pop music.

And I harbored a powerful little crush on Gabriele Bennett...

The olive-skinned beauty whose classic, non-racist catchphrase was "AY AY AY!"

She was the drummer of the band, so she had this sexy, spicy Sheila E vibe going for her. CALIENTE!!!

Alas, where has Gabriele Bennett gone...?

According to this KIDD VIDEO fansite, she just disappeared from the industry after the show. And if you're no longer in the industry, you might as well be dead in a ditch. At least in terms of obsessive internet searches.

So... where'd you go, Gabi? You must be up in your 40s by now. Did that marriage work out? Maybe you've got a regular, pedestrian job and "Kidd Video" is just a quirky footnote in your past. Something your kids dig up and snicker as they forward YOU TUBE clips to their friends, with the subject header, "THiS WaS mY MoMM!!!"


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