Monday, May 12, 2008

In Defense of the Temple

Anyone notice that "Temple of Doom" is the only Indiana Jones movie to feature a big, splashy, comic-book title card?

Go ahead, check it out. Raiders, Last Crusade: understated titles.

I wonder how "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" is going to play it, but it's certainly got the WORST title of the lot. I mean, really.

For some reason, "Temple of Doom" gets such a bad rap.

I think it's inspired.

The people who don't like "Temple of Doom"...?

I hate them.

I hope they die.

You know who you fucking are.

Yes, you.

I hate you.

I hope you fucking die.

Painfully. In a pit of fire. With your heart still beating in my fucking fist.

I find you that disagreeable.


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