Monday, January 28, 2008

Walk Hard

Walking to the Upper West Side from mid-town is nothing. Walking home from the Village is more of a heartless slog. A long way to trudge to save a swipe off a metrocard. But in a way, it makes this city seem smaller.

We all have to make some sacrifices in order to better afford the lives we want. Or even the compromised lives we want to maintain.

Ever reach that stage in life where just about everyone you hang out with seems to be a couple? Words cannot convey the virulent joy that inspires from deep within me. It's like a rainbow-grenade in my soul! I am so happy for everyone else! So happy, I want to walk 95+ blocks in the deadening cold.

Honestly... how does anyone get ahead in this city...?

Last week of January this week. Two and a half months since I slouched back to the day job. Word on the street is that this writers strike may actually find resolution soon. People are starting to speculate on the ominous post-strike atmosphere.

Let's just have it already. Because the sad/scary thing is, it won't be until the strike is over that I'll get a better idea of how much longer I'll have to stay at my day job.

Google tells us that today is the 50th anniversary of the Lego brick. Thanks, Google! Thanks!


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