Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Burning Down My House

Fire at the Fortress of Solitude 2.0 last night...

Right outside my door, actually. The paint on the door was bubbling. No fire escape in FoS2, either.

I did just about everything wrong. Didn't have my smoke detector hooked up. Opened the door without feeling it for heat. Saw the raging fire licking the walls of the hallway, so I slipped on a coat and a pair of slippers, grabbed my bookbag and kicks, and walked through the fire to the stairway. Didn't even know where the fire was originating, so I could have been descending straight into hell.

Silver lining: I finally got to meet some of my neighbors. Some really nice people. And no real damage to my stuff aside from being permeated with a smooth, smokey scent.

The hallway outside my door looks like a fucking horrorshow, though. Of course, the prevailing question is...

Who is trying to kill Malice Highload...?


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