Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Strange Story of the Perfect Crime

The latest episode of the podcast REPLY ALL features the longest running non-musical play in New York history, "PERFECT CRIME".

It also happens to be one of the worst-reviewed plays.

And yet actress Catherine Russell has been performing in it, 8 days a week, since 1987. She's never taken a sick day and has only missed 4 performances (to attend siblings' weddings).

I do not know how a person keeps performing in the same show for all that timeā€”even if it's a great play, let alone if it's one that's been this poorly received. Or how they have managed to keep it going this long. (The WIKI offers a little more information.)

Listen to the podcast if you haven't. The video above is a pretty interesting companion piece to the podcast episode, to get a little better sense of Catherine Russell as a person.


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