Monday, November 03, 2014

Safe-For-Work Vegas Footage

I cut together the last of the Las Vegas footage I shot with my crappy LG Lucid 2 phone.

Tried shooting POV video of an indoor rollercoaster called "El Loco" at Circus Circus, but that ride is -- true to its name -- fucking CRAZY. Here's someone who actually managed to shoot POV footage on the ride:

And here's the complete video for the "Haunted Forest 4D" motion-simulation ride:

(There's something very cheap about the quality of the CGI animation that almost made it spookier -- I imagined some crazy, cannibal hillbilly created this on his computer while taking breaks from torturing lost hitchhikers.)

I'm really looking forward to getting my new, extremely-expensive phone. Mainly so I can shoot some crazy HD video with it. That's part of my justification for the pricetag. It'll allow me to do some more creative side-projects.


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