Thursday, April 17, 2014

NYSC Will Find Your Keys For You

I somehow lost my keys yesterday afternoon. How I lost them is the big mystery. I seem to be having a terrible run of fortune at losing things lately.

However, not too long after the frenzy of trying to retrace my steps and track them down, I received a phone call.

Rather, two phone calls.

See — my keys are attached to my New York Sports Club membership card, and it seems that whoever found the keys kindly returned it to one of the many NYSC locations in this city. After they received it, NYSC called me to let me know that my keys had been found. For good measure, they also called the friend who I'd put down as my "Emergency Contact" all those years ago when I first signed up with NYSC.

So I get this phone call from this friend who I haven't spoken with in quite a while. He'd received this phone call letting him know that he was listed as my emergency contact and I imagine — in the few moments before they let him know that this about lost keys — he *probably* assumed he'd have to take time out to ID a body at a morgue.

Here's the thing: the gym location I usually frequent is in midtown and the gym location my keys were returned to... was near Union Square. I hadn't been anywhere NEAR Union Square yesterday, before I went down there to retrieve my keys.

The woman at the front desk couldn't shed any light on this mystery. She couldn't tell me who had dropped them off. Just that they'd been dropped off. And my membership card has a barcode which accesses all my information so they gave me a call.

For my own peace of mind, I'll try to reconstruct what probably happened:

I'd gone to my regular gym location earlier in the day. If I'd lost the keys there, they probably would have just dropped it off at the front desk, so I had to have lost it after I left the gym. After the gym, I went somewhere to have lunch and write, so I must have lost it on the way there, somehow. Whoever found it may have recognized the membership card and simply returned it to the gym location that HE/SHE frequents. That's the simplest explanation. Hopefully, it's nothing stranger than that.

In any case, having your NYSC membership on your key ring is a good way to make sure they get returned to you if you lose them. The more you know.

This is the second Almost-Loss I've experienced in about a month. I guess it's more fortunate than an Actual-Loss, but I really don't need these petty dramas.


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