Friday, July 05, 2013

You Don't Lose the Fight.

In my mind, I'm never gonna die in no ghetto. Absolutely never. A man turns around and punches me in the head: the fight's on. If he cuts me, the fight's on. If I'm shot, the fight is on -- I am not losing no fight to no scumbag out there in no ghetto. Period. That's it. No sonuvabitch out there is gonna get me. The only way he gets me is to cut my head off -- and I *mean* that. I'll fight you till I got a breath left in me. I don't think any of those animals in that street can beat me. And I've been goin that way for 18 years of street service -- street duty -- and that's the way I'm gonna keep ON goin'. You Don't Lose The Fight.


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