Sunday, July 07, 2013

The Ultimate Comedy Fantasy

I'm a major fan of the Comedy Bang Bang IFC programme and am looking forward to the new season. They've been airing all sorts of promos on IFC and one stuck out to me.

It features stars Scott Aukerman and Reggie Watts in a funky van racing through the Los Angeles river basin. Then there is one shot of Scott and Reggie looking tough standing in front of the parked van; the camera dollies around them and suddenly they both break their tough guy stances and leap into the air with big smiles on their faces.

I thought that needed to be a GIF. (Pronounced "JIFF", people!)

I figured I could grab that promo from YouTube except... IFC didn't post that promo on their YouTube channel. They posted this one called "Autopilot" which has the same setting:

... but it wasn't what I was looking for.

How is something like this NOT on the internet?!

So, I did the next best ghetto thing. Sunday morning, I started watching IFC to try to catch the promo. They were airing a few episodes from season 1 and I figured there'd be promos for the new season all over it. And there were... just not the one I wanted!

I went through two episodes of Comedy Bang Bang, a few episodes of Dilbert, and a few episodes of Malcolm in the Middle before they FINALLY aired the spot... which I recorded using my LG Lucid 2 cell phone:

Not the best quality but you do what you can.

Here's a pocket version of the GIF at 300px width:

All of this took a lot more time and effort than it needed to. Every so often, you stumble upon a hole in the internet. A missing piece that someone has failed to place, leaving this darkness. When I can, I have this compulsion to fill in that missing piece. Because I know if I'm looking for it, someone else out there is looking for it, too.


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