Wednesday, February 15, 2012

No One Ever Survives.

I've a lot of anger about how this space has been used by people to vet me. Yes, it's public. The world has access to it, as the world has access to a lot of obscure things. Anyone can track me down if they know what to search for. It's not that difficult.

You know what's even easier, though?


NOT going on the fucking internet to dig up information.

NOT going on the internet to dig up dirt on the guy who *stole* your girlfriend. Or to try to get some backstory on the guy you just started dating. Or to try to find out what I'm thinking or feeling. Whatever happened to people talking to each other?

This is why updates have been staggered recently. I don't trust how this thing is being read. I don't trust how this thing has been read.

In the end, this is my little stream-of-consciousness experiment. It serves whatever I want, whenever I want. It is what it is without apologies.

These aren't bleak days. These are dangerous days.

Every day is Anything-Can-Happen Day.

Every day, anything goes...


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