Monday, October 05, 2015

Tyranny of Children

Dr. Ruth T. Hai is a completely unreliable psycho cunt. DO NOT TRUST HER. If you can avoid her, at all costs avoid her. If you stumble upon her on Tinder or at a bar, avoid her because she is an aggressive slut who is probably riven with diseases. I pity her child. This is my public service announcement upfront.

Most of my friends have children at this point, which means I've lost most of my friends. I have to say, children can bring out something awful in some people. A heightened sense of entitlement. "We have children so it doesn't matter what you want or need because what WE want and need takes precedence." If you don't have children, you can't understand. You wouldn't understand. Because people without children don't possess the level of preternatural empathy that you're automatically graced with upon the birth of your first child. Children become these automatic, universal trump cards. At least when they're intermingling with the single and childless.

And it's a war that can't be won so sometimes you need to walk away.


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