Wednesday, April 08, 2015

April is the Cruelest

Week two, technically. I don't know what happens when the month-long purgatory is up. She broke radio silence briefly after the one week mark, which ought to be encouraging, but I'm still plunged in darkness. My original intention was to have as much fun as possible this month, reconnecting with people and focusing on stuff that I enjoy. Then I ran into a wall of sickness during the first week that I'm just now starting to recover from...

Only just now starting to be able to eat again. This is Day 6 of antibiotics and the strep is pretty much gone but my mouth is taking a little longer to heal. For the record, a first degree burn to the tongue should take just a few days to a week to heal. This was more like a third degree burn, which can take up to two weeks to completely heal. That'll teach me to eat hot soup too quickly.

I've spent the better part of this month so far starving, probably averaging 500 calories or less in nutrition shakes. Involuntary crash diets really take a toll.

And we're still just in Week Two.

I know I need to be thinking positively about this whole thing. I should expect a positive outcome at the end of this month.

But it's so hard to stay positive sometimes...


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