Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dora the Explorer Movie Trailer

I only know about this show because I've got Friends With Kids (FWK).

Pro Tip: It's only funny if you know the show a little.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Breaking Bad Uncensored [NSFW]


I've been rewatching the entirety of BREAKING BAD in anticipation of the new season which starts July 15th. AMC has been re-airing all the seasons.

Since AMC is basic cable, they allow the use of "shit" and near-nudity. No f-bombs or nipples. It's an absurd line to draw, to be sure, and says a lot that graphic violence and drug-use is a-okay but nipples are obscene, but I digress...

The version of BREAKING BAD's first season that I originally saw was filled with uncensored f-bombs and nudity. However, the version of the pilot that I just watched off of AMC was censored up the wazoo, including blanking out some instances of "shit".

Evidence: When we're first introduced to Jesse Pinkman, he's climbing out of a neighbor's window and a naked woman is throwing his clothes out after him:

However, in the version that AMC aired (at the top), the neighbor is suddenly wearing a bra.

It's fine but I'm curious about why they have such different versions. Did they go to the trouble of shooting the sequence two different ways? Or did they add a bra digitally? Note that in the censored version above she's throwing his sneaker with her LEFT hand, and in the uncensored version she's throwing it with her RIGHT hand, suggesting these were two different takes. (Also, you have to account for the amount of *bounce* they'd have to cover up digitally... which justifies my creation of the animated gif, thankyouverymuch.)

In terms of conveying the narrative, the neighbor in the bra works well enough: we still understand that she and Pinkman just screwed. But why would you shoot something for a network in a way that they couldn't simply air it? Are uncensored takes shot for other markets? Is this what they do with all shows?

Is there a raunchier version of THE SHIELD out there...?

These are the big mysteries that keep me awake at night.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

First World Problems

We enter Day 4 of not-having-a-day-job and I'd forgotten how much I enjoy having such an embarrassment of free time. Almost don't want to make any plans because it is such bliss doing fuck-all. (Danger, of course, being the wasting of too much time.)

Yes, I'm still in that limbo of Wait-Mode, with that deafening din of radio silence, but Wait-Mode by design means that I've no control over what happens with this thing I'm waiting on. And I've simply got to trust that it's in the best interest of OTHER PEOPLE'S PARTIES (OPP) that this script gets sold/set-up, too. I win, other people win. Other people who, I imagine, are doing what they can to make this so.

Bought some discount gift certificates for massages for myself last year and I can't believe they're about to expire. Using up one of them Thursday afternoon. The other one, I've got until the first week of August. #firstworldproblems

The extra time at the gym, during less-trafficked hours, is such a fucking luxury. That and the extra sleep. Day 4 and I've begun to feel more human again.

Goddamn it, I want that script to get sold already.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

gooby pls

tuesdey wes producteaaive. het da gym. ded laundry. met wif a nu producer.

i've mizsed da leisurely pace uv nat havng a dae job.

thursday aft, i'll be cashng in a massage geft certificate taht's bot tu expire.

july is almos her. i nehd mi life tu change in july.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Long War

I hate talking about going to the gym. I avoid talking about going to the gym. It's a personal/private thing. It's just something I do. It's something I've done fairly consistently for many years now. For me, it's like taking a shower or brushing my teeth: just because I don't talk about it doesn't mean I'm not doing it.

The worst is when it comes up in conversation and the person you're talking to says something to the effect of, "You still go to the gym...?" Incredulously. As if to suggest, "You don't LOOK like you still go to the gym..."

(For the record, if someone references going to the gym and I don't think they look like they've been going to the gym, I avoid pointing this out. Because I have a quantum of empathy.)

Just because you're going to the gym consistently doesn't *always* mean you're having the greatest workouts. Half the battle is just getting there, to be sure, but it is all too easy to plateau. Especially if you're not getting enough sleep and you're trying to squeeze in your routines while managing the hours of a day job.

Which is to say, I am enjoying the break of not having a regular day job again and I'm trying to exploit it by pushing a little harder at the gym. Every day is a reset. No matter what happened yesterday, the question is always, "How can we do a little better today...?"

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mad Men Girls

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thinking 'Bout a Life of Crime...

Friday, June 22. Last day on the movie accounting gig.

Monday, it's back to cooking meth.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hell on Earth

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Finals Week

Last week on the film accounting gig. The whole affair's wound down spectacularly.

I'm waiting to hear the verdict on my latest script revision.

This gig flew by so quickly. And I really did think we'd be further along with this script. I was hoping we'd have it set up already.

I hate these days of waiting in the dark.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Swimming with Sharks

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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Time's Up, Over, Blao!

This behind-the-scenes gig I've been working on is winding down, rapidly. No more free lunches. No more regular paychecks. Just a brick wall rushing to meet me.

That went by wayyy too quickly.

I should have a movie in production right now. All I have is another round of notes for tweaks to the draft. Promises of it being the last round before the script moves up to the top guy in the chain.

Then what...?

Then that guy had better like it.

It's not that a lot is riding on this. It's that EVERYTHING is riding on this.

The brick wall is rushing at me and this one crazy idea is all I've got to save me.

June 2012. Let's see what happens.

Sunday, June 03, 2012

This is NOT an entry about Philippine Independence Day

Meet Dingdong Dantes.

One of the Filipino celebrities performing at the Philippine Independence Day Parade in NYC today. Wikipedia tells us that Mr. Dantes is a "television and film actor/director, host and print and commercial model". You may know Mr. Dantes from such films as MULAWIN: THE MOVIE and TWEEN ACADEMY: CLASS OF 2012.

Also, his name is Dingdong. And he enjoys some measure of popularity among the 98 million people who live on a plot of earth on the far side of the world.

I almost met up with some friends at the Philippine Independence Day Parade this afternoon. If I'd gone, I could have seen Dingdong Dantes along with other Filipino celebrities such as Rachelle Ann Go and Aljur Abrenica. But I didn't go because I've got writing to do. And also, I could not feel more alienated from my Filipino heritage.

I'm not trying to make a mockery of Dingdong Dantes here or suggest that he's any more a representative of Filipino culture than Justin Bieber is a representative of Canadian culture. I'm sure people are going to land on this entry while they're doing searches for Dingdong Dantes or the Philippine Independence Day Parade and I'm not trying to ridicule the whole affair. I just honestly feel so incredibly disconnected from all of it.

I grew up in a Filipino household. Visited the Philippines as a child, with my father and sister. I'm sure some of this is connected to the fact that I've slowly drifted away from all my immediate family members in the years since college. (As they've physically drifted away from me, to the far corners of the country.)

But I've got Filipino friends. People who were raised here, have similar backgrounds. And they're all so much more connected to that world.

To me, it's an alien landscape. Yet another place for me to be an outsider. I don't find it particularly romantic being an outsider. After 36 years, it would be nice to be a part of something, somewhere.

The next season of SURVIVOR is taking place in the Philippines. I'm sure the culture will be reduced to an exotic backdrop, with natives wearing banana leaves serving burgers in reward challenges. Can't hardly wait.

Friday, June 01, 2012

All the Somebody People

Should be getting notes on the latest draft at 2:30pm today.

June 1. 2012.

Last night, the wrap party for the movie I've been working on. It was fun. I give my performance a C-.

Talked to "Poet" from OZ. Didn't talk to Jude Law or Rooney Mara or Soderbergh or Scott Z. Burns or...


It's all right. It will be better when it's one of my movies.

It's almost 9am and nobody's at work yet. I probably could have come in later.

2:30pm. EST.