Thursday, August 04, 2011

Damages Unbound

DAMAGES is James Cameron's sequel to Louis Malle's 1992 film DAMAGE.

Actually, no, that was a joke for the two people in the world who would actually get it. (Neither of whom is Bobby Boblick.)

DAMAGES is actually a drama that ran for three seasons on basic cable FX before DirecTV ordered two more seasons. The DirecTV exclusive season four began airing last month. I just caught up through Video On Demand (VOD).

The strangest thing about watching season four of DAMAGES? The raciest FX shows get is a free pass to say "shit" every 4 seconds. In the lawless intergalactic waters of satellite television, DAMAGES suddenly features nudity and liberal use of the f-bomb. And no commercial breaks. In 1080i.

I think it's tricky to write an adult drama that has no profanity. (See any cop show on network television.) You put adults in perilous situations, there will be profanity. And wiping that from their vocabulary just highlights the falseness. So, it's kind of interesting and strange that for 3 seasons, DAMAGES established its own narrative universe that did not include the f-bomb and suddenly it seems like all the characters have just learned how cathartic it is to say "fuck"!



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