Monday, October 27, 2003

The Butcherhouse Strikes Back

I took the day off from work. (Fuck 'em.) I've gotten 3 hours of sleep but I finally finished writing my first bloody full-length play, "The Butcherhouse Chronicles". Did I start writing this fucker in April? Six fucking months for a 90 page script? I am such a fucking slow writer... and this was supposed to be my "easy" play...

Anyway, for good or ill, I finished the damn draft. My stupid rumination on Columbine and The War, in a sort of horror film context. Next is trying to set up a reading of it, somehow, somewhere. See if I can manage to lure a crowd to actually sit through this thing when it's only me.

Will you support me, Silent Readers?

I've gotten married. I've got a new apartment. I've finished this play. Now I gotta get a new job. Something low-stress, low-responsibility, with few hours and very high pay. Anyone? Bueller? Anyone? "Something D-O-O economics..."

Jesus, am I tired...

Happy birthday to all the Halloween birthday-peeps: Dr. Craigers (aka, "Doc White Plains", aka "Doc Giggles"), Chris W., the newly engaged Katherine, and my mother-in-law Mrs. C. (As if SHE were reading this blog...)

Crawling back beneath my rock... *now*.

Sunday, October 19, 2003

This Is Murder

Well well well, haven't updated this little fucker in a while, have we?

I was going to try to wait till I'd finally finished writing this never-ending misery-maker I call "The Butcherhouse Chronicles", but I am very very close, I swear! Just 3.5 more scenes to knock off. Then I can go back and try to weed the rampant suck from it all.

I've got five days off from work starting this Thursday. I'll try to exploit that time to finish up this fucking beast.

Jin and Tom (and Jen A) really liked the wedding video I made them. These small victories that don't add up to much beyond friendship points.

We finally have cable installed in our new home. Broadband and Digital Cable, I'm so happy I could weep. God bless technology.